Underwear Ninja comes with Space Suit: September 2006
Underwear Ninja comes with Space Suit
to blog or not to blog, which is the path a true underwear ninja must take? whichever path it be, it will surely be a rough-hewn one. argyle, possibly.
Tuesday, September 26, 2006
hussein in the brain
what to do about saddam hussein and his antics in the courtroom?
he has said that he's boycotting the trial.
what does that mean?
is it he who decides how the trial will continue?
why don't more criminals "boycott" trials?
can the trials continue without him present?

that other judge had to go. he believed that saddam was not a dictator. that those around him created a dictatorship.
riiiight. that would mean that saddam was drugged, bound, and gagged. that he could do nothing to stop any injustice. that even though he was the feared ruler of a country, he was not allowed to know of anything happening with his people. would someone please try to convince me that this is true.
ya, that delusionally biased judge had to go.

and saddam is upset about that (as would any common criminal) because now he's lost his ally in the courtroom. so he throws temper tantrums with his defense team. what happens now? how can he get away with stalling the proceedings? he's taken control of the case.
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Sunday, September 24, 2006
another jewel of the internet

i'm pretty sure this is what the internet was created for.
nowhere else can you find random awesome stuff like this .gif
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Thursday, September 21, 2006
i can still smell the sulfur
damn that chavez guy. its one thing to hate bush, but he REALLY hates bush.

but, on the other hand, he might be just trying to play the american public. denounce the leader and at the same time giving heating oil to the poor.
that's slimy

i don't think bush is such a bad guy. i think he's an idiot that needs to listen to his people more. i think he's got the wrong idea on how to make the best of things. but i also think he's genuinely trying to do good. and i think he believes he is doing good.

in either case, its very purile and for the pres. of a country to rant so bullishly without discipline or tact.

way to go, mr. classy guy chavez... now i like bush more than you.
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  • At 12:01 AM EDT, Blogger Big Penguin said…

    Yup, I'm the same way on Bushy Boy. I think he's a huge idiot with a conviction that he's 100% correct all the time.

    Speaking of Sulfur, I came accross this little website that uses google maps to tell you what each NYC subway station smells like.


  • At 11:24 AM EDT, Blogger underwear ninja said…

    i went to that site. the one i went to first was 59th and Lex stop. That's the one with the 4,5,6,N,R,W that wreaks of urine, mold, and rat carcasses in the express tunnel. i NEVER go down there if i can avoid it at all. the web site said it smells like perfume, BO, and mold.

    I question the credibility of this site based on that. it could be, though, that since the express track is under the 6, they only reported what it smells like on the local track (which isn't bad, just the mold). the perfume and BO category is bogus fluff. it won't be that way every time.

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Monday, September 18, 2006
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Tuesday, September 12, 2006
happy birthday to me
26 was fine and all that, but we'll see what this whole "27" thing is all about!
posted by underwear ninja 5:13 AM   4 comments
  • At 6:29 AM EDT, Blogger Big Penguin said…

    Happy Bday Ninja!

  • At 11:24 AM EDT, Blogger R the Great said…


    What's on your wish list??

  • At 7:17 PM EDT, Blogger nbk said…

    27 will be even better than 26, Mister Underwear. I think I can even almost remember it...no, that was 47. Oh well, happy birthday.

  • At 7:26 PM EDT, Blogger Iris Blue said…

    Ha Boo Day NinJA!
    27 will seem a lot like 26.


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Monday, September 11, 2006

this guy is a true patriot. i bet he was in nam, man!
posted by underwear ninja 11:42 PM   3 comments
  • At 6:33 AM EDT, Blogger Big Penguin said…

    You'd think with all his practice time he'd be a whole lot better at that flute. Oh well, it was a good backdrop for your photo.

  • At 11:27 AM EDT, Blogger R the Great said…

    I wondered if you were participating in any of the WCT events. Thanks for posting your pictures.

  • At 9:13 PM EDT, Blogger Iris Blue said…

    I don't see who you're talking about.

    What a somber area. Glad you weren't in NYC when it happened.

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Saturday, September 09, 2006
I have TV!
now... what shows to watch!?
posted by underwear ninja 5:56 PM   2 comments
  • At 9:29 PM EDT, Blogger R the Great said…

    Soon the new tv season will start and you can choose some new shows.

  • At 1:31 PM EDT, Blogger Iris Blue said…

    My Name is Earl
    The Office
    and I saw the ads for some new ones starting in a couple of weeks.

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the thing about..
the thing about not having enough money from atari to get a lot of SAG talent is that miscellaneous characters will have to be recorded for free or at the studio's cost. misc. characters are people that appear in the game once and then you don't see them again. like a thug that is picking on someone that you're supposed rescue or something.
so all the money goes to the "important" characters. real actors that we have to pay for to voice characters that travel with the player. and they sound great.

but what about the miscellaneous characters? there's like 50 of them! ok, not sure EXACTLY how many, but a very large amount. and they could have anywhere between 1 and 25 lines of dialogue. and these fall on our heads to make them "believable" and good and everything that it needs to be..... like that line from the movie "wayne's world" when he says "i know its a small part, but c'mon! we can do better than that!"
it's like that, but without the money to get an actor that can do it right.

so to start, how do you get people to read lines for free?
friends? acquaintances? ourselves? you know, there's only soo many characters that 1 person can do before he/she starts sounding like the same person.
i think i've reached the point where i've expended all my friends, people i know (or heard about), and finally, myself. friends are good for a different voice i guess, but most people (i've found out) can only be 1 person. as in, they can't transform their voice or be creative or maybe they're too shy or something. and then there's the question of whether or not they can act... or be able to take direction and coaching in how to read a line since the slightest inflection on a word can change the entire meaning!

the thing about me doing voices is that as it turns out, i'm not the world's worst actor for this kinda thing. or maybe i'm just getting the hang of it because i'm around pro VO people a lot. my problem has mostly to do with me sounding pretty much like i'm 18 or so. with some post-processing lowering my pitch, i can probably sound like a 25 y/o if i etch out a gruff voice.

the thing about doing VO is that 1 person might be able to get away with voicing for 3 different people depending on post processing, changing the way lines are read, or changing the voice. after that, it gets to be like "that guy sounds like that other guy but with a deeper voice"
bottom line: it stops being believable that it's a different character after 4 different voices. tops!

so why don't i tell you how this played out.
now i'm pierson (a deserter coward that the player tries to convince back into the militia), inn_attacker1 (a bladeling that bursts into an inn demanding to seize the player), a githyanki sergeant (reports to the evil lich queen of the player's whereabouts), evil druid 2 (one of three mages that gets maniacly corrupted), sun soldier (alerts the gaurds that the undead are unaffected by the light), lizardman shaman (rallies the lizardfolk against the player when he stumbles upon their ritual to the "stone god"), and a captain of the guards (rallies the troops together to defend the fort)
and i'm all out of voices.
in fact, you're gonna hear me and be like "hey i know that voice, that's mark!"
ok ok true, the world doesn't know what "mark" sounds like, but they ARE going to notice that druid 2 sounds a lot like that coward back in west harbor.

and there's little i can do about that now because this whole NWN2 thing has to be wrapped up by friday next week. all audio delivered. that's right, it gets shipped out for printing! any changes that happen now will occur as a downloaded update when you install the game. so they're gonna get x amount of misc. characters that are voiced by me and the others i work with at heavy melody.
posted by underwear ninja 12:24 AM   1 comments
  • At 12:34 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    TGIF will mean more after next week. It's been a learning experience for all of you, I think. HM, Atari, you and the pro VO's. Next game will perhaps be a little clearer to design sounds and budget for better. --Deorwin says Happy Birthday to Druid 2.

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Saturday, September 02, 2006
al's your pal
Ayman al-Zawahiri is a funny guy. he's calling for all brits and americans to join al-qaeda.
sounds a little like support for terrorism is not quite as glamorous as it used to be.
"decide today, coz today may be your last day"

riight.... and what would i look forward to as part of your organization?
blowing myself up
i see...
posted by underwear ninja 10:41 PM   2 comments
  • At 5:20 PM EDT, Blogger Big Penguin said…

    If he really wanted to take over the world, he needs to find a lonesome medic wandering around the desert and invite him to join his base. Then as the medic starts treating patients (who are probably al queda cell members across the globe that got shot at), the money will start rolling in. Pretty soon, the base will have so much money, they'll be issued a "CARD" that can be spent at Bass Billy Bob's to buy the latest and greatest military technology.

    Seems pretty straight forward to me.

  • At 8:44 PM EDT, Blogger underwear ninja said…

    i knew what you were talking about as soon as i read the word "desert"

    i wonder how z-force is faring against Big Boy... since he IS their arch rival and the one true threat in the world.

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Friday, September 01, 2006

where the heck are all the old people and why don't i know them??!?
posted by underwear ninja 7:27 PM   2 comments
  • At 8:47 PM EDT, Blogger Big Penguin said…

    They're down at the local grocery fighting over the last bran muffin. You don't know them because you have real teeth and don't need to eat "old people" food.

  • At 10:31 PM EDT, Blogger Iris Blue said…

    Define 'old'. It's relative.
    I DON'T eat bran muffins. I HAVE real teeth. I still have a job.
    Define 'old people' food. Asparagrus tips are not 'old people food' it's haute cuisine and you pay BIG BUCKS for it.
    Dad is ready to come though.

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