Underwear Ninja comes with Space Suit: March 2007
Underwear Ninja comes with Space Suit
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Monday, March 26, 2007
claudio carpi
now HERE is a guy who knows how to take someone's picture. these are true portraits; great setup and mastery of lighting. and the subjects are taken with personality. even if they are staged, they still capture something active. there is energy, there is a story, there is art in the shading. yes this guy is someone to have your portrait done by.
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    It's our face when we think no one is looking at it, when we are working on something and glance at our reflection. --nbk

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007
ny got the juice

i saw this outside madison square garden on 33rd and 7th. there was another a couple blocks down. i wonder how many there are in the city now.
i dropped in some mail and felt like a real jedi master!

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Thursday, March 15, 2007
few short rants
jeez what a day to blog something
there are so many things one can talk about
such as it being allllmost warm today, enough to wear just a shirt
and now its freezing and expected to snowish tonight.

but besides the weather, just look at whats in the news

you got a black princess now. ya, disney created a black princess...
and whats worse, she's the "frog princess"
o jeez, disney. its obvious you're just trying to appeal to a wider market. but the "frog princess"??
and worse still, its set in NEW ORLEANS!!
if it isn't one stereotype its another.
chocolate city indeed.. and you can thank their mayor for that metaphor. jeebiz
wasn't nala good enough?
fairy tales are all about ye olde european feudalism. you know, where they actually came up with knights fighting dragons to save the princess in the castle. these are european tales so ya all the protagonists are white.
what the hell kinda princess is from new orleans? princess of mardi gras?

neeuop... not buyin it. you'll have to think of a different black princess, disney. one that might be from o i dunno.. africa!? i might even go for some mulato princess from brazil or something. you know, where africans actually colonized (instead of being forced into slavery)
but you won't find a princess, white or black or red or whatever, in the states.

but i guess the big picture is that every little girl wants to be a princess and now little black girls will have a role model. they won't have to take a sharpie to thier little mermaid dolls now.
black barbie never made it onto the big screen as far as i know, so this is disney's big chance to reel in a new audience.

but in other news, there's a $1000 pizza available in new york.
and no, it doesn't fill up central park with its girth
its actually much smaller than a normal pizza (or what dominos would call a "medium")
and its got all kinds of crap i don't want on it:
caviar, crème fraiche, lobster... its basically a seaweed special
its ugly it looks gross it won't fill you up and each bite costs you $50

then you can walk down the street a little and eat ice cream as serendipity for $1000 (no lie)

next up: the $10000 hamburger made out of processed and mechanically separated $20 bills and prepared by trained yaks

can't wait for the next harry potter movie
been getting excited with all the talk about the final book, deathly hallows
July 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and the order of the phoenix movie coming out july 13th. thas alotta potter in a short span. there will be trumpets and glory and feasts and fireworks
and after that.. nothing for a loong time until the movie comes out.
on the harry potter website you can pretty much find any sort of merchandise you'll ever think of that has to do with harry potter... except the books.


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Tuesday, March 13, 2007
get this man to the dermitologist
this guy probably doesn't have a social life to brag about.
kinda makes you wonder how he can wash himself. can't really hold onto a bar of soap, huh?
from what i gather its made of the same stuff as fingernails. or maybe he grows barnicles.
either way i feel really bady for him
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Sunday, March 11, 2007
boo daylight savings
i made sure to set my alarm today to go off at 10am
o how proud i was to get up on a sunday before noon.

to my chagrin, it was 11 =(


it would be nice to fall back twice a year. now THAT would be interesting and justifying.
in fact, why not fall back once a week? how much would that roxor!
humans are, in fact, on a 25 hour biological cycle. it would stir things up a bit.

also, i think we should all live in teepees coz they're better in a lot of ways


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  • At 11:56 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I love having more light at the end of the day. Besides our family routine has us up at 7am and out the door at 8:30am...kind of late for most families. SO the daylight savings works for us.
    Granted it was hard to get up this morning.

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Monday, March 05, 2007
can you say "overrated"?
i wouldn't say overrated. i'd say gloriously overrated.
i found a photographer that apparently has tricked many famous people into thinking his photos are "good". his name is martin schoeller and he takes the most unflattering pictures of celebrities that i've seen. he even made angelina jolie look hideous. the only one that looks ok is marilyn manson, but that's all makeup anyway.
i see this as an example of people WANTING to believe his photos are so great, that they refuse to notice how horrible they look in the flat, harsh light. with horrible lighting technique to give every one of them seemingly zombie-esque eyes.

ok now, the only celebrity i've ever taken a photo of is dan quayle. bah! and what's worse, he didn't know i was taking his pic. so i'm no pro photographer. but what i AM is honest with myself. and i honestly hate this guy's photography.
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  • At 4:33 PM EST, Blogger Iris Blue said…

    They look like cartoon mug-shots. Not even real.

  • At 5:31 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The eyes have it. They all look like taxidermy stuffed heads and jewelry-like enhanced eyeballs to me--just too hypnotic. Creeps me out. --nbk

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Saturday, March 03, 2007
hooray weekend!
got home around 3 last night (this morning) so ya i was in bed til about 1.
got up and dressed in the manner of a 90-something beach-dweller.
decided i need milk so i put on a coat (even though its gorgeous out) and headed to the grocery store.
as soon as i open the door and step outside i feel like a vampire. i'm all in black, pale as a sheet, and the sunlight is blinding me, nay scorching me due to my nocturnal escapades.
and i wasn't doing anything "escapady" last night either so get your mind outta the gutter. fyi i was playing zelda for wii, which is actually more fun that it looked. so far.

but anyway, thats just today.
what's more fascinating is what i learned yesterday. underneath the newspaper in back of the trash bin i found a 50 dollar bill.
no i didn't
but i WAS practicing trumpet in heavy melody late on thursday and this old dude comes knocking. he says he heard me playing trumpet and he was all interested. he used to play trumpet and he's got a pocket trumpet and wants to play duets. i'm like "ok, sure"
and we do some small talk and i find out he's got a studio right above us with a pro tools setup.
well that's kinda cool, i thought. at least he checks out. he's not like a homeless irish guy who's looking for a way into the building. knowing he's got a studio, i know that he's got somewhat of an ear and he might not suck too bad when we're dueting.
and, btw, he's about as irish as an irish can get. he had a derby hat on. his names charlie. he's got that soft chubby white face that they have (knowwhatimean?). i'd expect his full name is charlie o'furniture.
but anyway, he stopped by the studio yesterday to talk with the guys. i didn't know they knew him. they had a long conversation about something behind a closed door, so i don't know the real reason why he was over. i suppose it mighta been about legal issues or copyrights or some kinda friendly consultation. i was around for a little bit of the small talk and he was talking about how he's upset at ASCAP coz they don't give him royalties for "hefty hefty" anymore coz they don't consider it a song now.
what? excuize me? you mean like "hefty hefty hefty, wimpy wimpy wimpy"??
yes, that's the one.
he's the guy behind that all-too-familiar mnemonic.
now i wanna know what the heck they were talking about!
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  • At 9:53 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    cool...hefty, hefty, whimpy, whimpy
    Jingles aren't as popular any more. now they use popular songs. Kinda sad. Jingles are what you remember long after the songs fade.

  • At 3:59 PM EST, Blogger Iris Blue said…

    You look like the pale tourists we get down here. Kind of like bread dough.

    How is 'hefty,hefty,hefty,whimpy, whimpy,whimpy' a song? There arne't notes.

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