Underwear Ninja comes with Space Suit: October 2006
Underwear Ninja comes with Space Suit
to blog or not to blog, which is the path a true underwear ninja must take? whichever path it be, it will surely be a rough-hewn one. argyle, possibly.
Wednesday, October 11, 2006
scott comes to visit me tonight and i'm sick with the flu.

of all the days i had to be sick, it had to be when scott visits. grrr!
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Monday, October 09, 2006
killar killar killar killar
Go-li maaaaaaaaaar!

go-li-mar mar mar mar mar mar

go-li mar




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  • At 8:46 PM EDT, Blogger Iris Blue said…

    And I thought he was saying
    I miss Rashdi.

  • At 6:40 PM EDT, Blogger Big Penguin said…

    You think that's cool..... Check this one out:


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Friday, October 06, 2006
don't eat it!
This guy is awesome
he's a really funny read
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  • At 4:15 PM EDT, Blogger Iris Blue said…

    'Steve' is CRAZY!
    Everything looks nasty and he describes it well. People seem to eat anything.
    Pig lips?
    Corn Smut?

    Now my pizza won't taste right.

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Thursday, October 05, 2006
ode to twilight zone
don't get on the ship! the book, "to serve man," it's a cookbook!
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Wednesday, October 04, 2006
america's finest news source
cnn.com now hosts theonion.com once a week.
that was kinda neat i guess, but it just goes to show you the kinda news that cnn.com puts out there in the world!
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Sunday, October 01, 2006
what happens at the gym stays at the gym
there's a point to be made here but i haven't figured out what it is yet.

i live right beside a small hole-in-the-wall kinda gym. when i pass by usually i see maybe a person or two on the treadmills and hear some loud dance music coz the doors are usually open. i usually think "man i doesn't seem to be very busy when i pass by" but i've just been blowing that off because i only pass it in the morning or late night.

one night i came home and walked by it and there were about 20 very obese women in there having a grande ole time. thinking this must be some kinda call-to-action, i silently nodded in approval at their attempt at a healthier lifestyle.
until i saw... what is that? is that what it looks like??
o geez...
yes, it appeared to be a potluck. chips, dips, cassaroles, cakes, and soda all over. and this was all on a big table next to the treadmills and weights.
i took a moment to stop walking by and stand there, cracking a half-smile, and soaking in all the ubsurdity.
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