Underwear Ninja comes with Space Suit: June 2010
Underwear Ninja comes with Space Suit
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010
Week with the Kauffam Day 1
the night was hot. really hot. my little air conditioner doesn't put out enough cool air to make a dent. i was sweating while asleep. it had to have been in the 90s overnight. i feel bad for all who are involved in sleeping over at my place =(
so what does kauffam have waiting for them when they wake up? wonderfully wonderful blueberry pancakes! except mackenzie gets without blueberries of course. you know, mack has a very limited palate, she likes ketchup and will eat half a chicken tender but not much else.

anyway, today was green day, and we decided to head out and stop at starbucks (of course!). we struck up some light conversation with an odd patron at starbucks and then headed to the park.
photo scavenger hunt in full swing, we enacted a scene from West Side Story under a bridge complete with dance choreography and singing. it was on the list after all =)

the park was full of soccer fields, and every soccer field was in use by soccer teams. i bet these fields see use all year round in fact. we took pictures in trees and pictures at the basketball courts, all for our scavenger hunt. there was a dried out fountain where maybe 5 or 6 kids were playing soccer. one of the kids was curled up in a fetal position in the middle, and we supposed he was hurt. the other kids just continued playing, kicking the ball past him and such. lol. is it mean that i find that funny?

we started heading to the site of the world's fair, with the huge globe and flying saucers. and on past that to a goodly cop that we had to get a picture of for our scavenger hunt. and then when we left he caught back up with us and questioned "you don't know where you're headed, do you?"
well it appears that there is a druggie anonymous rally going on about 50 yards away to the south. and that its this cop's opinion we probably don't want to go heading over there.

ok fine, we'll just look for four leaf clovers and play on animal statues for a while instead. and saunter over to the new york museum of science. scott dubbed it "nice guy" because of its logo "ny sci". steve noticed that there were people pulling up in their cars and practically abandoning them on the side of the road and rushing to get in the building. he knew something was up. so we ran like buffalo following the crowd blindly, and as it turns out it was the last day of the year to get in for FREEEEE if you get there sunday before 11am. we got there are 11am. =D
the museum turned out to be a bit cooler than i anticipated. fun and interactive, like a museum "should" be in my humble opinion (imho).
through our museum experience i found out i now throw a baseball in true wild pitch fashion, but i threw it faster than a 10 year old! 47mph. i didn't remember just how many back muscles are involved in pitching =\ actin and myocin
i was able to squeeze the test of strength in both hands equally, and stronger than the others in our party. it was a demonstration of actin and myocin, the microscopic process that makes muscles contract.
the cafeteria had featured eisenberg hotdogs and went into detail describing them, like that brand is a featured item. and i admit the bag it came in was impressive and large. the hotdog itself however isn't quite worth the hype. its a little thicker than a slim jim and about as withered. the "new york style pizza!" was equally disappointing. it looked like a hockey puck that they had painted red and put cheese on.

after spending most of the day there we left about 5pm and headed north to the 7 train. passing under a bridge where the "trolls" lived. yes there were trolls. about 10 of them. with shopping carts. selling food. char broiled food. like chicken and corn and stuff. and apple sauce in huge jugs. it was all very suspect and i surmise they were all mexican. the genius part of the whole thing was how they converted plastic shopping carts into fully functional grills.

we took the 7 back to flushing and ate at the local chinese restaurant whose name escapes me. fu shu or something like that i think. with suspicious people parading in front. i won't go into much detail about the food because i'm really really tired but it was a good time.
we got home and watched fantastic mr. fox. i fell asleep through a good portion of it though. despite the hot hot hot hot apartment.

plus, i am validated now from all the those years ago. there finally is proof of existence for Number One New York Nuthouse. i can prove it!
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  • At 1:03 AM EDT, Blogger Iris Blue said…

    I am jealous. Sounds like so much fun.

  • At 9:40 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Kauffamily is having a really great time with the K-Men. Lots of walking and HOT temps. Shoulrd cool down soon thiugh

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Week with the Kauffam day 0
i start with day 0 because its noteworthy that i tell you that i've finally unpacked and moved most of the boxes that were piled up in the corner of my living room. its a good thing i did too because we ended up really needing the space.
this is the day i am to meet kauffam at the airport and welcome them to new york! but the buses are having some kind of service change now and it didn't exactly work out that way. actually, all of MTA is having a service change now with some subway lines being discontinued and such.
the day is mildly hot and my poor little air conditioner doesn't really do a good job of cooling the whole place. i didn't really know the extent of how this would be a problem when i left it on full blast for a day in anticipation of their arrival.

so they took a cab and met up with me at my apartment. those sunny state people all have nice tans and i look like fresh linens. we drop off all the luggage and determine where the beds will go and head on over to BJs wholesale groceries place. most of what we picked up would end up being m&ms and stuff. i mean we got cereal and bread and various stuff but we definitely made much more thoughtful decisions in the candy aisle(s).

we headed back to unload our stuff and then ate dinner at Joe's Best Burger. It was at that point that the kauffam scavenger hunt manifested itself. cameras were going off as the teams had their radars tuned to finding things like "4 people on a bench" and "a guy with a mohawk riding a bike".

we got back to the apartment and o noes the air conditioner didn't really do a good job of cooling the place while we were gone. in fact, it was about the same temperature outside as it is inside now. so we decided to put a big fan (obtained from BJ's) into the window and forego the air conditioner. after all, the air will get cooler overnight it might not be so bad. its just like grandma's house!

after watching a completely legit downloaded movie, "how to train your pet dragon" it was time to go to sleep for the night, fiddling with scott's ipad in bed.
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Saturday, June 26, 2010
blog resuscitation
check check check
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