Underwear Ninja comes with Space Suit
Underwear Ninja comes with Space Suit
to blog or not to blog, which is the path a true underwear ninja must take? whichever path it be, it will surely be a rough-hewn one. argyle, possibly.
Monday, April 17, 2017
After-Holiday Candy Sale Rant
It's been 4 score since I posted a blog.  So what is so special that I just HAD to come out of retirement to say?  Well I'll tell you..  and it will incense you!  At least it should at any rate...

It's the day after Easter (Monday) and Walgreens does not have ANY Easter candy on clearance!
How's that for an atrocity!?

Some things you just rely on in life.  The sun will light the Earth.  Google will keep your private information private.  And Walgreens will have holiday candy on clearance the day after it's respective holiday.

Well at least the sun is still lighting up the Earth...

And to think i got up at 7am today just so I could go to Walgreens and pick up the candy on clearance sale.  NOPE!  Do they think their precious Easter candy is still in demand?  It isn't!  Do they think I'm going to buy it at full price?  I'm not!

Oh they were good with the Halloween after sale.  And they were good with the Christmas after sale.  And the V-day after sale.  And I was a satisfied customer, spending like 30 bucks on candy.  Which is really high for candy!  But they really let me down today.  I suppose they have no other holidays coming up that they need to clear the shelf for.  Right?  What is the next holiday?  Cinco de Mayo??  I don't think there's such thing as Cinco de Mayo candy.  Mothers Day/Fathers Day... nope, there's no candy coming up any time soon.

Man, Hershey's/Mars/Brachs must really hate summer.  They got nothing until August when they can start forcing Halloween candy down our gullets again!

I'll try back in a couple hours and see if the people there have mustered enough gumption to put the tags on the goods.
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Saturday, August 11, 2012
one thing I've noticed from this new blog layout (owned by google now, apparently) is that it's efforts to be user-friendly are so glitchy that it keeps marking old posts as drafts and wants me to publish them.

so this is why you are seeing some "new" posts that are actually reposts from years past.  so kindly disregard these next few posts about WoW, which actually weren't "drafts" at all, and the next REAL post is about Reddit.

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start stumbling
if you haven't heard about it yet..
try out stumbleupon.
it works with firefox

you tell it what kinda website you want to see, then press "stumble".
it brings up a random site based on your preferences and user ratings.

i have found so many sites on video games, comics, pictures, and just funny/interesting things. I love this stumble thing!
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those crazy japanese
while in england we came to the conclusion that traditional english cuisine is mostly bland, boring, or otherwise yucky.

except for dessert. english do dessert very well.

i believe i have found a country with worse food. actually, not just a country. a continent.

sushi and general's chicken aside, most indigenous asian food makes me want to vomit.

its as if they went into the forest and found the most gruesome animals they could find and decided to eat it in the most gruesome way they could think.

here is a list of ice cream flavors:

besides the obvious gross japanese flavors like fish and soy sauce,
here are some of the highlights from the ice cream menu:

raw horseflesh
pit viper
sea brine salt
squid ink
(keep in mind these are ICE CREAM flavors!)

i know what you're thinking. you're thinking "ya but other countries are listed there too" or "maybe those are just in specialty shops"
i'm inclined to think that these are more common than that.
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WoW Life
Yes, I play World of Warcraft.

But unlike other people, I do not subscribe to the idea that it is a bad thing.

Consider what it is and what it isn't:
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Wow Raiding

Here is a post that I never posted.  I was going to  get my thoughts down and then expand on it in writing, but I never followed up on it.
Looking back on it, I think it is kind of amusing as is.
here is that unfinished post:

(double entendre)
i just had my first experience in an
end-game, large-scale raid.

talk about DKP
Vent abuse
serious and nerdy
video instructions
class leaders
other stuff

Basically, at that time, I had never fought any of the bosses in the game.  It was Karazhan that I had just finished, and it took HOURS.  and that purple staff that you see on my back there is the fruits of that effort.  I felt like a god.  I was zeus shooting laser beams from high atop a mountain.  and I was fighting in full PVP gear without any knowledge of what a "hit rating" even was.
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Reddit and You!
I decided to resurrect my blog, mostly because all of my wonderful ideas get buried 500 posts under any reddit thread. well screw that.
so for anyone curious, I have taken to reading "Reddit" as a constant source of news/arts/entertainment.
link to website
the upside is that you get to read a plethora of interesting things all the time. the downside is that since it's so darn popular, a ton of interesting things fall through the cracks. it is like a giant forum board, and people post stuff, and if someone likes it, it gets an upvote. if someone doesn't like it, it gets a downvote. so when you look at the front page, you are seeing everything that hundreds of people have upvoted.
anyway, writing posts on reddit has reminded me how fulfilling it feels to get your ideas out there into the world, even if only a few people actually see it.
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010
MJ inspired music by cee-lo green

so i started to watch cee-lo green's new video (above) and i thought its kinda basic but then i started digging it when the bassline came in. and then the more i thought about why i liked it at that point the more i realized that its because it reminded me of michael jackson's "billy jean".
the synth stabs have the same syncopation and the bassline walks in much the same manner. the chords are different but hey he woulda gotten sued otherwise.

cee-lo gets a lowercase c for creativity.
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Thursday, September 23, 2010
pigeons be gone this instant!
do you have pigeons on your balcony like i do? (did). do you walk out there and see just massive piles of pigeon droppings like i do? (did). do you want to rid yourself of these pesky flying rats once and for all like i do? (still do).
well here's how you do it.

wait til night, and they're all cozy and going to sleep on your balcony. and they let out their last poops on your balcony before closing their eyes. and then quietly open the sliding door, and step out a little.
and wear a bedsheet that covers your entire body.
and now briskly introduce yourself to them and make like you are reaching to give them a hug!

i thought they might have hurt themselves flying out as furiously as they did.
some of this poop is really caked on here. i think i have to go to home depot and get a scraper of some fashion.
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010
Twister: the truth
i'm not talking about that silly game that people "play" so that they can get all touchy on each other. i'm talking about the movie. actually, not the movie itself, but the attraction at universal studios in florida that was inspired by the movie.
the attraction is named "twister..ride it out" but there is no actual ride. it's a simulation where you stand in a room and watch as a twister comes and destroys a 1950s barn town.
the intro is laughable as you're waiting to get in the room. you get to watch video of bill paxton lazily tell you how dangerous a twister is in his overacting goofy way.

you stand in rows on this platform that is designed to look like you're under an awning, presumably of an old wooden building.
you look out from your platform to this scene of a small section of town at night. there is a drive in movie screen, an old 1950s style car, an old movie theater marquis, maybe a diner looking buiding, a bunch of trees, and a powerline. the powerline is the key ingredient here. well... besides the actual tornado of course.

you see the twister approach from afar through dim lighting, it gets closer and you see trees blow around and water splashes you a little. then you see a really small tornado in front of you that is real. then there are some sparks (i think it is to simulate lightning) and you watch the buildings rip apart. a cow flies in front of the audience. the old timey car gets pushed into a fire hydrant spewing water everywhere on the set, and the awning blows around as the tornado gets closer to you. the powerlines rumble around and ignite the water from the hydrant and there is fire to dazzle the audience for a few seconds. then the awning is ripped away and collapses as your platform falls a few inches and the lights go out and everything is calm again and bill paxton says "thank you for surviving twister," again in his uninspiring voice.
well here's the clincher. here's the truth. here's what i see happened that can be the only logical explanation of what we just watched.
you, the audience, die in the twister.

to recap: the twister comes close, the town is ripped apart, it comes for your awning, you are flown through the air as it is destroyed, everything turns black and silent. you died.

i hope that bill paxton isn't the one that i see after i die like it is on this attraction at universal studios.
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  • At 11:59 AM EDT, Blogger Iris Blue said…

    This doesn't seem like a very good way to spend park time.

    What next, volcano, hurricane, tidal wave?

    The dark part is enough to scare me.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010
the kitty whisperer
so when i get down to mom and dad's house and i see dixie running away from me, i learn that she is skiddish around strangers. mom says steve has been trying to pet her every day he is here, and scott says kitty won't even let him look at her.
so i made it my mission to pet her. on the very first day! i got her to lower her head a little and i ran my finger along her head and cheek.
after that it was all down hill. she ran and ran from me. about the 5th day here i determined that she isn't actually scared of me. she just doesn't like me!

until tonight!

yes, she let me pet her for a good 5 seconds. and then she let me pet her for about 30 seconds! that's half a minute of pure unadulterated petting action around her head and neck!

..and then she ran

scott and i went to ikea today. and we would find what scott would call "the swedish".
the swedish is a noun, not an adverb. every item in the store is called the swedish by scott.
and any item that doesn't quite add up. or isn't as particularly useful as the adverts would suggest, scott would call it "the swedish glitch".
so we would walk around looking for the swedish, and we would be picking up a swedish. and if the swedish was good we would put it in our bags. if it didn't pass the test then we "found the swedish glitch".
i don't know where scott comes up with this stuff but i played along and couldn't help but lol.
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dad has perfect pitch
dad has perfect pitch. i can press any key on the piano and he can tell me what note it is without looking.
i am jealous.

he's a bit shakey when he plays though. i guess now is a good time to learn flight of the bumblebee.

i do not have perfect pitch. i have fantastic relative pitch though. of course scott was quick to chime in that he had perfect pitch but he gave up the pitch part.
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Thursday, July 22, 2010
write, blog, document. do it.
i'm undertaking a massive project while down at mom and dad's house. i am charged with rummaging through all my "precious memories" items and separate the ones that are actually very valuable to me from the ones that really are just junk.

this has already turned up 3 full trash bins full of junk. like old cassette mix tapes of songs that i recorded off the radio. songs that i have in itunes now anyway. my class books from college courses that i don't care about. castle grey skull and snake mountain. they are just the shell anyway, all the parts and trap doors and stuff are missing. stuff like that.

of the things that i cannot throw away though are some old trip journals that i found.

among the journals were 4 different vacation trips that i jotted down every random time i thought to do it. at 9 years old, 10, 11, and 14 years old. it was fun reading these out loud. you get a much more vivid picture of what was happening at the time, what i cared about, and all from my perspective. for example, i seem to think scott is always in my hair on purpose and i do nothing wrong at all! he does it for the thrill! lol
well of course if he were to have kept a journal too then we may get a better idea of what 'actually' happened.
like right now mom and scott are playing warcraft in front of me. if i were 9 years old right now i might log that they both hogged the computers for hours on end and laughed at my misfortune to each other while i suffered in the dark solitude.

so let this be a lesson. take photos, videos, and write. write stuff even if you think its boring because in 10 years your perspectives will change and it will be fun to see what really mattered to you at that age.
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