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Underwear Ninja comes with Space Suit
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Sunday, July 25, 2010
the kitty whisperer
so when i get down to mom and dad's house and i see dixie running away from me, i learn that she is skiddish around strangers. mom says steve has been trying to pet her every day he is here, and scott says kitty won't even let him look at her.
so i made it my mission to pet her. on the very first day! i got her to lower her head a little and i ran my finger along her head and cheek.
after that it was all down hill. she ran and ran from me. about the 5th day here i determined that she isn't actually scared of me. she just doesn't like me!

until tonight!

yes, she let me pet her for a good 5 seconds. and then she let me pet her for about 30 seconds! that's half a minute of pure unadulterated petting action around her head and neck!

..and then she ran

scott and i went to ikea today. and we would find what scott would call "the swedish".
the swedish is a noun, not an adverb. every item in the store is called the swedish by scott.
and any item that doesn't quite add up. or isn't as particularly useful as the adverts would suggest, scott would call it "the swedish glitch".
so we would walk around looking for the swedish, and we would be picking up a swedish. and if the swedish was good we would put it in our bags. if it didn't pass the test then we "found the swedish glitch".
i don't know where scott comes up with this stuff but i played along and couldn't help but lol.
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