Underwear Ninja comes with Space Suit: Week with the Kauffam Day 7
Underwear Ninja comes with Space Suit
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Tuesday, July 06, 2010
Week with the Kauffam Day 7
today is yellow day 2
breakfast is sort of on your own, we were all split up. steve recommended we go to PAX and he strangely seemed to know every item on the breakfast menu and what number it is. scott mentioned flapjacks and steve said "o you want the number 6".
so scott decided at some point that since he's having such an awful time trying to get the foursquare cupcake badge that if he just eats a really good cupcake then that will still be a completed mission of sorts.
and lo and behold PAX has cupcakes. and the cupcakes "look" pretty good.
so for breakfast we both have a sausage egg and cheese sandwich and scott also picks up a cupcake with green frosting from the refrigerated display case. then he noticed that same cupcake behind the counter display case. he asks what the difference between the two and the cashier just appears to not even understand that we are talking to her. he asks again and she says "anything else?". hmm.... so i take my turn asking her what the difference is... and she says "you want one?".
ok its obvious now that they outsourced the cash register job.
we just pay for our breakfast and start to chow down. we get to the cupcake portion. the icing looks green and a little faded. and it has what appears to be crunchy poop on top. also, it has no smell. scott takes one good bite and says he doesn't want to finish it. that it tastes like freezer burn and dust.
so i pick it up to eat it. how bad could it be?
its weighty. that's a good sign... i think.. and its somewhat moist. or greasy. or whatever it is i know its not going to turn into powder in my mouth. so that's a good sign too.. i think... right?
i take a bite. wow ok i don't want to even swallow this. there is nothing sweet or cupcakey about this. i think this might be the first cupcake they ever made from 1924 and kept it in that case ever since. yes it was freezer burn and dust.
as we left PAX the cashier must have heard us verbally bashing the cupcake. she kept saying "so sorry. i'm so sorry". that's the first place i've ever been to where they apologize for selling you something.

we met up with the kauffam across the street in times square on the set of the good morning america show. they were pre recording a segment for tomorrow (the 4th of july) and it was all about counting calories for typical summer grilling items. like instead of having a pork sausage you could get 2 hotdogs and a hamburger. instead of potato salad you could have carrots and stuff.
so we made sure we were present in the background, all in our yellow shirts. i couldn't really find a spot on camera so i was behind their fake shrubbery. they did a few takes because of flies in the shot or a fire truck driving by. and then they got some stock shots of us waving and cheering. they use those shots to intro and outro the segment. then we hit up starbucks and sat in a times square for a while.

we then took the subway to grand central station for pretty much just pictures but also to try to get whatever cupcake purveyors were in the area there too for foursquare. pinged 3 different places, still no luck. in the main terminal they had the world cup showing and lots of people crowding around to watch.

we took the 4 train uptown to the MET. this museum is free but you can donate whatever you want. steve and i walked in and headed to the egyptian exhibit. cj and mackenzie right behind. but it looks like everyone else got stopped by the guard lady. she said its a mandatory donation. which is pretty crummy. so i think the rest of the party donated a quarter or something small.
steve noticed that all the egyptian statues either had a flat hand or they were holding a hot dog. every one of them. some have 2 hands flat, some have 2 hot dogs, some have one hand flat and one hand holding a hot dog. we still don't know what this means.

we ate lunch inside the MET. the prices are pretty steep of course. i figure just ordering something from the menu is donation enough for this place. scott got a seat right next to the air condition duct. he was freezing. i could tell he had to be cold because i was cold and i wasn't in front of the duct. meanwhile i can see his backpack he set down beside him blowing around.

we toured the rest of the museum without much ceremony. the part of the MET that we especially wanted to see, the famous painting of "washington crossing the street" as mackenzie called it, was closed for whatever reason. so we continued on and out the museum and went through central park. joe and bev went back to the hotel and scott and i rented bikes, which he's being trying to do for years now. it was a nice day for bike riding and the hills were mild.
after the bikes i had to leave to go back to my apartment to kill lich king on hard mode. but of course when i get there they say we don't have the right people so they cancel our raid.... again.. grrrr!

i have some life cereal and banana nut cheerios for dinner, and then i see scott's twitter. they are at olive garden! and not only that but they are at the table the cj specifically showed me as the best seat in the house! i'm so jealous. i had cold cereal and a canceled raid. they had breadsticks and salad and a view of both hershey store and m&m store. QQ.

i spent the night at my place. too tired to go back into the city. i went to bed at 9:45 and it was kinda hot in my apartment.
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