Underwear Ninja comes with Space Suit: August 2012
Underwear Ninja comes with Space Suit
to blog or not to blog, which is the path a true underwear ninja must take? whichever path it be, it will surely be a rough-hewn one. argyle, possibly.
Saturday, August 11, 2012
one thing I've noticed from this new blog layout (owned by google now, apparently) is that it's efforts to be user-friendly are so glitchy that it keeps marking old posts as drafts and wants me to publish them.

so this is why you are seeing some "new" posts that are actually reposts from years past.  so kindly disregard these next few posts about WoW, which actually weren't "drafts" at all, and the next REAL post is about Reddit.

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start stumbling
if you haven't heard about it yet..
try out stumbleupon.
it works with firefox

you tell it what kinda website you want to see, then press "stumble".
it brings up a random site based on your preferences and user ratings.

i have found so many sites on video games, comics, pictures, and just funny/interesting things. I love this stumble thing!
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those crazy japanese
while in england we came to the conclusion that traditional english cuisine is mostly bland, boring, or otherwise yucky.

except for dessert. english do dessert very well.

i believe i have found a country with worse food. actually, not just a country. a continent.

sushi and general's chicken aside, most indigenous asian food makes me want to vomit.

its as if they went into the forest and found the most gruesome animals they could find and decided to eat it in the most gruesome way they could think.

here is a list of ice cream flavors:

besides the obvious gross japanese flavors like fish and soy sauce,
here are some of the highlights from the ice cream menu:

raw horseflesh
pit viper
sea brine salt
squid ink
(keep in mind these are ICE CREAM flavors!)

i know what you're thinking. you're thinking "ya but other countries are listed there too" or "maybe those are just in specialty shops"
i'm inclined to think that these are more common than that.
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WoW Life
Yes, I play World of Warcraft.

But unlike other people, I do not subscribe to the idea that it is a bad thing.

Consider what it is and what it isn't:
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Wow Raiding

Here is a post that I never posted.  I was going to  get my thoughts down and then expand on it in writing, but I never followed up on it.
Looking back on it, I think it is kind of amusing as is.
here is that unfinished post:

(double entendre)
i just had my first experience in an
end-game, large-scale raid.

talk about DKP
Vent abuse
serious and nerdy
video instructions
class leaders
other stuff

Basically, at that time, I had never fought any of the bosses in the game.  It was Karazhan that I had just finished, and it took HOURS.  and that purple staff that you see on my back there is the fruits of that effort.  I felt like a god.  I was zeus shooting laser beams from high atop a mountain.  and I was fighting in full PVP gear without any knowledge of what a "hit rating" even was.
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Reddit and You!
I decided to resurrect my blog, mostly because all of my wonderful ideas get buried 500 posts under any reddit thread. well screw that.
so for anyone curious, I have taken to reading "Reddit" as a constant source of news/arts/entertainment.
link to website
the upside is that you get to read a plethora of interesting things all the time. the downside is that since it's so darn popular, a ton of interesting things fall through the cracks. it is like a giant forum board, and people post stuff, and if someone likes it, it gets an upvote. if someone doesn't like it, it gets a downvote. so when you look at the front page, you are seeing everything that hundreds of people have upvoted.
anyway, writing posts on reddit has reminded me how fulfilling it feels to get your ideas out there into the world, even if only a few people actually see it.
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one thing I've noticed from this new blog layout (...
start stumbling
those crazy japanese
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Wow Raiding
Reddit and You!
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