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Underwear Ninja comes with Space Suit
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Monday, October 03, 2005
bloggity blog
i got my new audio studio up. well, that is, the two computers can now see each other over a network (1 cable). man this pro audio biz is tough. the technical side is tough. the marketing side is tough. now i have sound coming through Sonar coming from gigastudio. HOORAY. i nearly ate a pizza in celebration at that. been trying to do that for 2 months. now the problem is that there is only ONE sound coming through. i laugh quite frequently at my situation. every day, in fact. c'mon, this is funny. I can't get sound from a computer, and when i do after 2 months, it's 1 sound. HAAA. its' 7:18pm and i'm gonna listen to danny elfman for an hour, then it's off the the marquis. speaking of, i was thinking the other day, did the marquis get mentioned in the movie "joe vs the volcano"? I seem to recall the limo driver suggesting that as the place they should go. that movie is great. "action-packed pee-wee!"
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