Underwear Ninja comes with Space Suit: so there i was...
Underwear Ninja comes with Space Suit
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Friday, October 07, 2005
so there i was...
at work today i was looking for an audio mixer for a room i had to set. if you don't know me, welcome welcome; i work as an audio/visual tech at the hotel marquis in new york.
anyway, i needed to get a mixer so i went looking for one in the large ballroom we have: broadway ballroom. there on stage performing for a crowd of rich corporate ladies and gentlemen wearing their best, was a singer at a piano. the voice sounded familiar. i immediately thought "o my god is that norah jones?" but then i looked over the balcony and it looked more like someone else i knew in high school. i paid close attention to the style.....that sounds like norah jones, but it doesn't look like her still. then, she sang a passage of a song her bassist wrote and i KNEW it was norah jones. i thought "o wow norah jones is giving a concert in my ballroom and i have a free ticket and a nice view from the tech area (i was with the techs in videoland with the monitors and stuff). i still had work to do so i pulled myself away to continue my search for an audio mixer. i told the other techs i work with. their response, collectively, was, "norah who?". so there i was, wanting to share a moment with someone that it means something to, and there is nobody that can relate to me. nobody to share this moment with coz they are not cultured enough to watch mtv. how disappointing. its not the kind of thing either where you call up your brother or something and say "hey listen, it's norah jones!" ...it's not the same. if someone called me up to say "hey mark, listen! it's (insert middle of the line pop star here) playing!" i'd say "wow.....great....have fun!" now if elvis was giving a concert, you need to call me.
tomorrow norah jones will probably have left and i won't get so much as a picture with her and that'll be it. that's pretty much ever been my run in with famous people. I see one and think "wow, that's so-and-so" and then continue with my work and the next day they're gone. no star-struck awe or hob-nobbing. there's not really a point to this blog other than to say i saw norah jones tonight up close and nobody i work with knows who she is.
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