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Underwear Ninja comes with Space Suit
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Monday, November 21, 2005
nouveau riche
i was asked to do a camera-op for a birthday party. it was for some guy who had just acquired or won or inherited $20 million. so he was living it up big bling style at the marquis for his 45th birthday, with all his pimps and hoes. i mean he was blingin with real rocks on his neck. the kind that you think are fake because they sparkle with all shades of blue, red, and yellowy-white. at first i thought it was the cheapest chains i'd seen come out of the dollar store since lady etty went on a shopping spree. but then i just knew its coz i rarely, if ever, had seen real diamonds before. he bought all of his immediate family new luxury and sports cars.
my job was to go around with a dv cam and get people's reactions and get the festivities in general. you know, like go to everyone and put the camera in their face and they say "happy birthday and many more i love the party" and stuff like that. well this was all fine and dandy out in the hotel. until you went into the room that the party was being held at.
there was 'mood lighting,' which means there are no lights except for the bar and candles. the camera did not pick up anybody unless they were silhouetted in front of the bar. and what's worse, they all were black. so nobody appeared on this poor guy's video. and then there's the music...
the DJ brought the crappiest high-energy speakers i'd heard since the bar-mitzfah days in middle school. so to compensate for the lack of clarity, he juiced the volumn. i had to buy earplugs so i wouldn't go deaf. no, not that kinda deaf. it IS true i'm the deafest brotha on the block. i'm talking deaf as in "are you telling me about a dog salad over the bridge or did you say something about justice involving paper mittens??"
so the camera obviously did not pick up any of what the people were saying in that room. just booming beat noise, which, when you watch it at home, will not have most of the frequencies you hear in real life coz its just a camera mic.
i recorded over 2 and 1/2 hours of this.
the guy also wants to put it to dvd. he doesn't care about the cost.
so now when you put it to dvd he will be able to quickly reference the different chapters of pitch black footage with tinny beats. tadaaa! here's what you paid for and thank you. please return to the marquis soon!
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