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Thursday, November 24, 2005
poor oklahomians
so i'm watching the footage from the parade this morning. my co-worker had our studio camera and he filmed the entire parade. caught on tape is a voice saying "i'm with channel 9 from oklahoma, there's an oklahoma float coming up, can i use your battery for that float?"

wow, channel 9 from oklahoma and he doesn't even have his own camera batteries? what the heck kinda cameraman is this? they were scrapping the barrel out there in oklahoma, huh?

so my co-worker says "what kinda battery do you need?" trying to see if ours are compatible with his. he says "double A"

well, the good news is that we were totally able to supply the cameraman for channel 9 with batteries. the bad news is that oklahomians will have to think of something else to be thankful for besides tv.
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