Underwear Ninja comes with Space Suit: a lesson on one way to stay happy
Underwear Ninja comes with Space Suit
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Monday, October 24, 2005
a lesson on one way to stay happy
if you ever have a chance to go shopping for clothes with a fashion designer, take it. i speak from experience of course. the experience i just had today! teeheeee (the sound a little girl makes when she wins 5 barbies in a door prize or something like that)!!
you see, i have no winter apparel apart from a trenchcoat. i love that trenchcoat btw, but i still feel that i need more than that for stepping out into the cold. and then later, something for stepping out into the freezing. so i decided i needed to do some shopping for these things. but where to start? i called my fashion designer friend kathy, who designs for GAP, for a day shopping.
i told her i was looking for trendy clothes that will make me look nice and be warm and also cheap. she was such a helper; taking me to all these stores she knows in town and throwing all these clothes at me. "try this on" "you need a fleece" "unbutton that"and occasionally she would say "i need those!" at some shoes we passed. so i now have a fleece and 2 jackets for the cold. one of the jackets she wants to put patches and pins on for an "urban" look. i'm really happy with my trendy new jackets and i had a great time. i got to thinking: if you catch someone in their element, that is, catch someone who is participating in something they're excited about, you yourself will have more fun too. kathey loves fashion, and going clothes shopping with her was a blast. like the same way i suppose going to a concert with a musician or going to the museum with an art teacher would be a blast. who you're with makes ALL the difference. i always knew that to be true. like whatever friend you see a movie with will make all the difference in the enjoyment. but now i understand that it's being around someone that genuinely finds enjoyment in whatever it is that is the fun part. even if it is an activity (like shopping) that you wouldn't normally think is that much fun. so to the world i will give one piece of advice that i've discovered today: try to put people around you in their element. find out what it is that makes them tick and surround yourself with them when that situation occurs. you will open a new door of happiness for yourself.
on a side note, kathy told me that "Edna Mode," the clothing lady from the incredibles, you know the short one that with the bowl-cut hair and round glasses that makes their body suits, is based on her teacher from the savannah school of fashion design. she told her teach how remarkable the similarities between them were and her teach, a chinese "character" of herself, told her that she had gotten a call about a year before the movie came out from an ex-student that was illustrating for the movie who told her they were using her image to base a character on and if that was ok. its kinda cool that kathy knows the real-life edna personally.
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