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Tuesday, March 21, 2006
idol chatter
i've never been a barry manilow fan. and, like all the other guest performers, he was very diplomatic with his opinions. it must be annoying being at that stage when most of the time spent is at commercial break. i hope they have fun things to do during those times. but, on with my synopsis.

mandisa - she's great as long as she stays in her range. and as long as she's yell-singing. if she's not yell-singing, she sounds generic. good, but generic. still, she will have a nice-selling album when she makes one.

bucky covington - didn't work for me. maybe his last week here. energetic song but he didn't pull it off.

paris bennett - ya, she can sing i guess. but again, she has this peppiness that bugs me. "fever" is best slinky and seductive. she's more like a plastic toy. unfortunately i think i'm the minority in this opinion.

chris daughtry - started off all deep and dramatic (not quite a fan of that) and then turned into goat boy. it was nice that he made it his own song and all, but he's a goat boy and kinda a weirdo. he needs to go, but bucky should go first.

katherine mcphee - i like her. even though her performace was kinda crap. at least she's more "ella" than paris.

taylor hicks - he didn't really sing much. i was disappointed. he tried to make up for not singing by dancing around. still, i know from past performances that he's fun. i guess i'll vote for him just to keep him in the game.

lisa tucker - this is the first performance of hers that i didn't think she stinked up the stage. she sounded about as good as would be expected a standard performer. she's no idol. i guess the cops caught the guy threatening the judges. she should go home after bucky and before daughtry.

kevin cobais - good song choice for him. no powerhouse or anything, but if you already perceive him as a harmless awkward child then that is a great rendition of that song. so he did good in making people like him.

elliott yamin - his voice is nice. i still hate his static vibrato. he's more goaty than that daughtry fella. i still think dems bof gotsta go.

kelly pickler - i'm not sure why but she just wasn't as enchanting tonight as i usually think she is. i guess she just wasn't adorable. but it was a nice performance.

ace young - weak voice. i still think he's a pansy. he should be an ice skater. but i guess the kiddies like him.

my picks to go, in the order they should go: bucky covington, chris daughtry, ace young, paris bennett, lisa tucker, kevin cobais, elliott yamin.

my picks to stay, the idol being last: kelly pickler, taylor hicks, katherine mcphee, mandisa

who i think the american audience will pick, in the order of who goes first, with the idol at the end: bucky covington, kevin cobais, elliott yamin, lisa tucker, taylor hicks, chris daughtry, kelly pickler, paris bennett, ace young, katherine mchphee, mandisa
posted by underwear ninja 8:04 PM  
  • At 9:04 AM EST, Blogger Big Penguin said…

    Ninja Ninja Ninja.... you're teenage mutant years are becoming a distant memory and you've developed a good ear for these things... but You and Simon both need to remember that "performance" (not just singing) is key to this competition. Allow me to rate their performances:

    Mandisa: Park and Blow....but for some reason it works. Her little shimmy fits well with her song

    Bucky: The only thing he did well was play with his microphone during his performance. I can't believe he's in the competition to begin with....his singing voice is so forced and fake (imagine someone trying to sing as PeeWee, you'd laugh for sure but somehow this guy is equally fake and nobody seems to notice. His phrasing is all wrong, his songs are 4 of 5 notes, and he doesn't do anything with them; Goodbye Bucky.

    Paris: She's awesome, but isn't really "connecting" with anybody.

    Chris: Rock on.... he nailed an otherwise boring song.

    Katherine: She sings and connects well, but something's just not right. Kinda like seeing a person grinning from ear to ear as they sing a sad song.... she's really awkward and kinda jiggles around when she walks (I think she was going for "Slink" but missed it) Once again...Incredible eyes.

    Taylor: What the $@#* was that. This is his first bomb and he knew it... dancing yes, but nothing else.

    Lisa: Who? Oh her.... Just a cookie cutter performance. I think she's the cutest thing to ever walk the stage. Reminds me of Kids Incorporated.

    Kevin: You summed his up. All he needs for his next performance is to stand out in the rain shivering and look at the ceiling and sing "somewhere over the rainbow". He's playing the puppy dog card like a pro.

    Elliot: Goat Boy? No way... ain't nothin wrong with his vibrato. Problem is when he starts singin' he looks at the ceiling and sways from side to side... that's all he's ever done. May be great singing on broadway or something, but I don't think American Idol matches his performance.

    Kelly: WOW, I actually liked it this week.

    Ace: See ya latr' He connects with his audience like a pro (almost as good as Kevin), but he can't sing. He needs to be on a soap opera or something and forget about idol.

    MY TOP: TAYLOR, Mandisa, Chris

    MY GO HOMES: BUCKY, Ace, Kelly

    Most OVERRATED: Katherine, Kevin, Bucky

  • At 4:58 PM EST, Blogger R the Great said…

    You and Big Penguin are into this idol thing WAY to much. I can't remember anybodys name and how they did once they finish a song.

  • At 8:15 PM EST, Blogger underwear ninja said…

    i blog while i watch the show. you think i'd be able to recall in such detail afterwards?

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