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Tuesday, March 14, 2006
idol prattle
its stevie wonder time! its about time! every season i hope they do stevie wonder. he's one of my most coveted and respected musicians. i wish i could meet him *jealous*
the stage is, once again, wonderful. quite large and enchanting with all the sparklies and; now i finally get to see the guys' perfomances.

ace young - he sux. he's always sucked. he sounds so common its hard to listen to. he only made it this far coz his rocker hair.

kelly pickler - i can't believe she doesn't know stevie's music. shame on her! randy was right about how her glitter wasn't there. but her "i'm sorry" was, again, absolutely adorable.

elliott yamin - i don't like his frantic vibrato. its built into his voice and that's why he can move easily around notes. he might be a good singer if he can write his own music. but if he's singing someone else's, it just doesn't work for me and i don't think i want him to be the idol.

mandisa - started off poorly. not impressive. once she got up into her range she let it belt out much better. and at this point i'm wondering why none of the contestants are choosing any of stevie's top hits.

bucky covington - i missed his performance when i went to the grocery store. but i don't like his trailer look so he can just disappear >=p

melissa mcghee - a little pitchy, she absolutely needs to stay away from ballads. i don't know how much longer she can hold out.

lisa tucker - shoulda picked a higher key, but couldn'ta handled it if she had. i've said it before and i'll say it again: she is NOT a powerful singer and definitely no idol. are the judges being controlled?? i'm suspicious of that now. they over and over say she's all that and she blatantly is not. especially simon. somebody call the cops, i think his family is being held hostage.

kevin covais - reminds me of alex. only in the respect that he's kinda shrimpy kinda dorky but somehow gets lots of attention and is funny to watch. he should have sang a higher key too. simon is right about it not being a good performance. and he should NOT have been quick with simon. he is no idol.

katherine mcphee - she could be the idol. she's pretty and she can sing.

taylor hicks - love this guy. as much as he could tackle songs by stevie and ray charles, this guy should be blind. i'm only concerned about what an album like his would sound like.

paris bennett - i still don't like paris. she's just annoying to me, even though she's pretty and she can sing. simon said she's like a wind-up doll and he's right, but he loves it and i hate it. i especially thought that little singing stunt with ryan seacrest was disgusting. she's just annoying.

chris daughtry - he's like elliott yamin's twin brother. same goat vibrato. same "look". same performance that is not "wow". both those guys should probably go home.

so to wrap it up, stevie wonder is awesome and the contestants are not. looking at the end-of-show recap of their performances, taylor hicks is the only one that made me want to make devils horns with my fingers. i hope the top 4 are kelly pickler, mandisa, katherine mcphee, and taylor hicks. that would be cool.
posted by underwear ninja 8:11 PM  
  • At 6:17 AM EST, Blogger Big Penguin said…

    You're so wrong! Wrong wrong wrong. - Kelly Pickler is a cutey pie, but she can't sing..... period.
    -Katherine McPhee is the annoying one, she's about as graceful as the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz.... Nice eyes though.
    - Paris is a rock star... She's got youthful spunk.... yeah, the singing responses were a little much, but she's a hot commodity.
    - Elliot and Chris both had bad nights... they are usually spot on. Elliot esepecially has done Stevie Songs twice before and blown everybody's socks off.

    Top 4:
    - TAYLOR HICKS (Winner)
    - Mandisa (possible runner up)
    - Paris Bennett (possible runner up)
    - Elliot Yamin (Wild Card)

  • At 8:06 PM EST, Blogger underwear ninja said…

    we'll see! >=C

  • At 6:36 PM EST, Blogger Big Penguin said…

    There are websites that encourage people to vote for the worst singers because it makes good TV. Some feel these sites had alot to do with that dude staying on so long in Season 4.

    This years Dud that we're supposed to vote to keep around: Kevin Covais....if he gets voted off, the next in line is Kelly Pickler.


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