Underwear Ninja comes with Space Suit: let's hear it for #2!
Underwear Ninja comes with Space Suit
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Thursday, February 16, 2006
let's hear it for #2!
i had my 2nd "Good Day" here in nyc. the first one happened in october at some point. the second one happened today.
its the kinda day where everything falls in line: you wake up early or on-time, not late. you're on top of any issues that may arise. in "the zone" as you might think of it. you get more done than you expected. when people see you they have a different sort of reaction than you're used to. when people you know react differently towards you. you're on. everyone is receptive and outgoing to you. because you're alive, sharp-witted, friendly, and lookin sharp >=)
conversation flows naturally. no awkward moments, just engaged conversation custom-tailored to whoever you're talking to. confidence. you're busy with work and its manageable and people like you for it. the weather is perfect. you can make any stranger laugh because, in the split second, you have summed up whoever precisely accurately. hottie women notice you and like the attention you give. you don't know what you're going to say but you know it'll be clever and likeable. charming. its the kinda day that makes you see the town you live in differently. more like home than before. you could be up for 24 hours and not feel tired, turning a cheek to fatigue because you are too energized. you have friends you didn't know you had because you never gave them a chance. you now understand more about why things are the way they are. everything you do ellicits the fullest-value possible from everyone. you walk into the place where you're a regular lunchaterian and get what you expected without saying anything except "how you doin, amigo?"
yes a good day, start to finish. the 2nd in ny. i'd like to commemorate this day, feb 15, as the 2nd good day in new york.
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  • At 8:28 PM EST, Blogger Iris Blue said…

    Yikes! Those 'good' days come pretty far apart. At this rate it will be about 4 a year. You should take note of what you ate.

  • At 9:17 PM EST, Blogger R the Great said…

    Maybe Day #3 will come soon, with a good job opportunity! Very enjoyable description of your day.

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