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Saturday, January 14, 2006
pitiful news

that's the headline from cnn.com
...and once again they prove how "sensational" their news is. its disturbing.

yes, they can print that because, according to their sources, that did happen. but how gross a picture it paints for the general audience. and by general audience i mean people that choose not to think about the real motives and happening behind the news. you can be damn sure that there have been problems in information given to cops. i'm no psychic, but i'm sure that you anyone reading this can think of a time when they were told one thing and it ended up being another. and if i was the one behind the trigger, and i had to make a quick decision to save my life, and that thing, for all intents, is a gun, then you can be damn sure i'm gonna shoot to kill. that boy's going down and not me.

how bout this: same headline, different story. what if the one who died was the police officer? "Police were told boy's gun wasn't real". now THAT would be a tragedy.
the boy was suicidal, that's already established.
it's not the cop's fault the boy is dead. it is the boy's fault.

so cnn will tell it like that. they aren't lying. its the truth and nothing but the truth. but is it the "whole" truth? what i mean is that the headline like that would try to instill some sort of malcontent sentiment towards the police force down there. that, i think, is mean of them. so cnn is being mean in order to make news "pop out" at you. and if you're being mean for the purpose of getting attention then in my book you're a jerk.

i'm not giving cnn any more chances to redeem their reputation. so congratulations cnn.com, you are on my list of jerks.
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  • At 8:33 AM EST, Blogger Big Penguin said…

    That's Mark Nation, not CNN. He's an A-hole attorney to the highest degree. He'd argue that the sun wasn't going to rise tomorrow if he could make a headline out of it.

    And I hate living in this area and listening to these stupid attornies on TV and Radio try to look out for my interess.

  • At 7:45 PM EST, Blogger R the Great said…

    You are SO Right. It's all in the way they spin the story. I agree that the cop had to assume the gun was real. The red mark, which is supposed to be the way to tell it's a fake, was painted black. So you know the kid had a death wish. I do feel sad for his parents.

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