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Wednesday, January 18, 2006
dis n dat
the weather be mad whack. for about the past week we've had such drastic changes in weather that its not safe to go outside for a long time anymore. what i mean is that, for example, today the high is 60 and the low is 30. with 30 degrees difference in 1 day how can i tell what to wear? should i wear shorts and a long-sleeve shirt or should i wear a winter coat? its annoying. nor'easters...bah! at least its not humid.

next movie to get excited about comes out july 7th. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
the trailer isn't incredibly exciting, but its pirates so the movie itself should be pretty fun.

i've decided to put "investing" on my list of things to do. ever since i took a business class on the stock market in college i thought it would be a good idea. but now i'll look into it because this article reminded me that i had been meaning to do that. some kinda medium pay-off mutual fund, like 6 months. i'll decide by mid-february. i don't know much about the stock market, the only thing that i actually "learned" from the class, after thoughtfull regurgitation, is that it's a good idea hehe.

i think that's what education is mostly about. a constant bombardment of information. noone in their right mind can learn and absorb every single thing. but you throw as much knowledge at someone as possible and see how much will stick. who knows what someone will remember and what someone won't. i can remember that wayne newton is a decendent of pocahontas but i can't remember an entire semester of stock market class. at the time i was taking that class i was fairly knowledgeable about the stock market. and then i didn't use any of what i was taught so i guess my brain thought it wasn't worth remembering. so i decided to remember that its a good idea to get in the stock market. at least passively. but i don't remember why exactly. that's why i'll test the waters out with a little cash and see what happens.
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