Underwear Ninja comes with Space Suit: never'ever'winter nights 2
Underwear Ninja comes with Space Suit
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Wednesday, January 25, 2006
never'ever'winter nights 2
ok ok so i haven't updated in a while. things have gotten so grrrr the last few weeks that i just haven't felt up to it. so here's what's going on in my little whirled (double entendre). obsidian, the programmers behind "neverwinter nights 2" apparently doesn't have their act together. they keep piling on and piling on work to do for us but they don't include that on their relatively tight budget (which is around 200k). so heavy melody and obsidian have been duking it out trying to find out exactly what is going on that contract, and how much are they going to pay for it. there's about 12,000 lines of voiceover work, 6000 sound effects, and 60 minutes worth of music to write. that's a lot. and they're planning on releasing this in june??? i'm thinking more realistically august. and all i can do is sit there and listen to each side squabble over how much needs to be done vs how much will get done vs how much it will cost. it's a nightmare of pushing timetables back. especially since heavy melody started this whole negotiation thing back in november. i've been reading a book that is specifically about audio for video games and the timelines generally indicate that that's not a lot of time for the work to do, and not just that, but the money is not all there for the work to be done. anyway, obsidian was supposed to have delivered a contract last friday. but there haven't been agreements on what it was. they have made a promise that it is coming and everyone knows its coming. the guys at heavy melody even gave me a key to the place. i have a key to heavy melody! so yes i know they're going to bring me in, but the question is "when?". obsidian came up with a draft of the contract and heavy melody reviewed it and said "no way". i need to work on a blockbuster title to launch my career. there's nothing without it. so i'm caught. i really can't do anything right now except continue my internship and hope the contract comes sooner rather than later. it will only make things harder the further back they push us. so grrr for today and hopefully tomorrow will be easier.
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