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Underwear Ninja comes with Space Suit
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Thursday, February 09, 2006
nyc bloggity
so here's an update for you blogonians:

i guess the girl scouts came and went, but the marquis is giving away boxes of girl scout thin mints to everyone. i have two boxes.

the homeless and the street musicians are ever jovial as always. and they don't mean to be. the dude was playing piano in the 77th st. subway station (home of some of the best musicians around, mind you, no joke. blues, opera, contemporary, rocknroll, asian traditional....) and he was doing some kinda rockabilly blues thing. and at the end of his number he says, "happy valentine's day, happy superbowl, i hope everybody gets home safe, and god bless everybody". well, giggling erupted from within me and i found myself, once again, laughing while others mill about. i mean c'mon! how general and politician can you get? happy superbowl? o you gotta love it when they play those cards. you know, the cards they pull from their sleeve to make you think they're your buddies. you'd spare a dime for your buddy, right? i'm just waiting for someone to say "i hope everybody has everything all the time".

you never know how nice and warm your bed is until you've slept on the event tech floor and then find yourself trekking home at 5:30am in 25F.

fruit cocktail and vanilla pudding go grrrreat together

giant taco salad and coffee do NOT go well together. in fact, it's best they should only know the other exists through books.

i finally found out why the hubub about the jewish orthodox community in ny:
-they run H&M, the store with the coolest electronics on the market
-they own lots of land in brooklyn, so much so that they have their own mini government
-they only rent apts to other jewish orthodox
-they have their own police force
-they have their own medics and ambulance
-they're out-of-touch and delusional (ok, that's opinion, but pretty accurate anyway)

i won $50 gambling on the super bowl

that's mostly the interesting bits. the other bits i guess could be summed up to say that i'm still interning, still trying to make music, still working at the marquis, and still waiting for atari to get their butts in line so i can get out of this hotel business. on a side note, i just did some sound design for some hershey's commercials for Take-5 candy bars. so if you see a funny commercial for Take-5 "Taste and Believe!!" the chances are very good that i did the sfx for it.
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