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Underwear Ninja comes with Space Suit
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Friday, November 04, 2005
creepy people 2
so i get off work at 5:15am like usual at the marriott marquis and i get to the subway and wait for the no. 1 uptown. i notice a dude bobbing his head on the bench. the kind of bobbing people do when they're fighting to stay awake. he's dressed nice, not like a homeless guy, and i think "the dude is gonna fall asleep and miss his train". then i feel sympathy because i have
been in this situation: up all night and you fall asleep and miss your train, your stop, your mind, whatever it is you miss something because you're over-tired. so when the train came i nudged him and said "hey man, train's here". what a kind guy i am!
his response: "why!?"
i am taken aback and say "hey i just saw you falling asleep, if you're waiting for the train, it's here, if not, then whatever" and i proceeded to get on the train.
he looks at me, and then follows me on the train. (i have an appointment right now. more to come later)
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