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Friday, November 04, 2005
creepy people 3 - the conclusion
so i'm on the train and the guy is sitting directly across from me. again he asks "why did you wake me up" and i get defensive and say "look it seemed like you were falling asleep and i was letting you know when the train got here so you don't miss it".
he says "ok you were helping me out, then?"
i nod.
he says "you helped me out, i'll help you out".
i dismiss this and nod again, and he says again "you helped me out, i'll help you out".
i dismiss this again. so now i know this dude is tired and weird. still, being weird is nothing to fear because there is a plethora of weirdos and this one is just weird too.
he strikes up a conversation with me. actually, he leads the conversation because i'm not in the mood to talk to him. he asks me questions, i give him one-word answers.
"where you from?"
"what part?"
"how long you been in NY?"
"about 3 months"
"what brought you here"
"an internship"
and then he crosses the train and sits next to me. at this point i notice the womens' shoes he has on, previously covered by pants, because he was replacing them with slippers. i'm thinking 'damnit, now what?'
he continues his convo.
"how old are you?"
"26" for some reason i knew before i said it, that the answer to this question would make or break my impression of this guy.
he says "26. nice and young. i like young"
BAM! ok great.....we are at orange level now and i do NOT want to talk to this guy anymore. he proceeds his creepy convo and i am being ambiguous as hell.
"where do you live?"
"100th and Lex"
"you live with anybody?"
"yes, 2 brothers"
"baby, you can come uptown and take another train down to Lex, then"
(yes, he called me "baby"!!)
"no i'll take the crosstown bus"
he got annoyed that i wasn't going uptown that far with him.
"why did you wake me up?"
"if you wanted to catch the train, i was giving you the chance to"
"so you were being a nice guy"
annoyed at the persistance of questions that i've answered already and as distant as i could make it sound: "yah"
"i'm gonna be good to you"
"i'm gonna be good to you"
again, distant with irk in my voice, "i'm just gonna go home"
the train slows down as we get to my stop. i don't want to let him know it's my stop until the last moment. maybe i can leave him there and the doors will shut and he'll be on his way uptown.
it stops, the doors open and i say, roughly, "you have a good night" and get up and i scurry out the train.
he follows me out the train.
he says something to the effect of "wait up" or "hold on" and scurried out before the doors close. that plan failed. NOW my heart is beating faster. not until now did i feel threatened, but NOW i'll have to do something about it.
i am ignoring him and walking fast, he should be getting the signal by now. he has to do a sort of jog to catch up to me.
i go through the turnstile, he's closed the gap between us and went through the turnstile.
i'm angry and ready to fight....
i turn around, abruptly, finger pointed at his chest, and bark in his face "I don't need you following me! You go your way and I'll go mine!"
he puts his hands up and does a sort of shrink like a dog does when it's master gets angry at it.
"woah woah" he says
i'm no longer scurrying, i'm marching up the stairs and being mindful to listen if he is following or taking another exit out of there.
i did not see him appear, and my bus came so i was able to put my mind at ease that i'll never see him again.
so now i see that being nice has a price. or at least it CAN have a price. you try to be courteous to strangers and you just can't. you don't know them. you don't know what will happen. anything can happen. he didn't look homeless, he looked like a dude who was gonna miss his train coz he was too tired. it was the day after halloween, after all. maybe he was out partying and got wasted. but no, he was a fag prostitute and he was not going to let me get away. and now, even if i feel compelled to help someone i don't know, i have to exercise more restraint. not that i don't want to be a nice guy, but i'll have to choose more carefully how i do this. i certainly won't be waking anybody up.
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  • At 6:28 PM EST, Blogger Iris Blue said…

    Creepy is right. All of that personal information was none of his business and you can just tell them so.

    Guess who has a blog. :-)

  • At 6:30 PM EST, Blogger Big Penguin said…

    Yikes! You should have given a big "None of your business" when he started asking you questions on the train.

    If I find him when I'm up there in December, we'll slap him around and call him "Susan"!! :-)

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