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Saturday, March 25, 2006
underwear ninja tells all
so they gots dees people protesting about letting in illegal immigrants, saying that america was built by immigrants and everyone deserves a better life. ugh! well there they are. that's basically just a reading of just how large our illegal immigrant population is. you know, the ones that dodged the census. o don't get me wrong, i'm all for immigration. yes, everyone deserves the chance for a better life and the right to pursue happiness. what they failed to do was include the word "legal". legal immigration is fine; i encourage it! but illegal immigrants "don't do nobody no good". we need taxpayers. we need people who are army-enlistable. we do NOT need illegal immigrants. so my advice to all you marchers for immigration is to start filling out paperwork. i can't think of anyone that would participate in this hundreds of thousands march unless you were illegal. "no incidents, no arrests; the most peaceful march ever". ya i can tell you why: its best not to stick out, not to get arrested if you're trying to dodge the INS.
i'm tired and i can't wait to get away from marriott. they're gonna run me through the gammut right to the bitter end and i have to take it coz i don't wanna burn any bridges. in fact, they want me to work on the saturday after i quit. i said i'd let them know but i can't gaurantee anything. i'm in a situation where they need me more than i need them right now. that could work in my favor financially =)
bling bling and shine on but i probably won't get rich working freelance at marriott because i don't know when they'll call me. but at least i might have some pocket change (i'm gonna ask for 350/10 hours because that's the higher-end for a floor tech (and i'm all that)) and they already know i'm not doing an overnight. haHaa!
i've been in the habit lately of getting up early (around 5am) and getting dunkin donuts coffee. i seem to get more work done in the morning because when noon comes around, everyone is up and about and awake and everyone wants your attention. making sound effects is fun. i get lost for hours going down the list of sounds to make. i just don't like the business part of it. you have to make sure xyz files are in x format and abc files are in y format and these are due then and those are due then. and that's just the tip of the iceberg. there's a lot of paperwork, emails, and phone calls going around just to figure out what i'm supposed to be doing and make sure i have the tools to do it. ugh but after all that, the actual sound itself ain no thang. and that's the fun part! but whatever, my education is finally continuing after being put on hold for a few years.
i got instant messaged from an old friend from high school today. that was pretty cool. my hair is getting kinda long now. i'll post a pic soon. if i didn't shave the back of my head you'd see it past my shoulders. i actually have hair long enough to tuck behind my ears, which i do.
right now i'm at the marriott and listening to my two coworkers talking about different ways for the one to keep from getting caught cheating on his wife. i know from previous conversations that he's got 3 different women on the side and none know the other exists. i don't know why but i'm rooting for him.
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  • At 7:59 AM EST, Blogger Big Penguin said…

    - we're a country of immigrants, but we need to control our borders.

    - Hang in there at Marriott. Just a few days left.

    - Dunk Donuts is a good way to start the day.

    - Nobody likes paperwork.... it's just part of the job.

    - Let's see that hair....

    - Cheeting on a spouse is completely different if there are kids invovled (just throwing that out there).

  • At 4:55 PM EST, Blogger R the Great said…

    Cheating on a spouse is cheating...with or without kids! Don't do it!

    I want to see that hair too.

    You are a trooper to have worked 2 full time jobs and commute so far. WAY TO GO MARK ! !

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