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Underwear Ninja comes with Space Suit
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Thursday, November 10, 2005
survey says....
so there are some good movies coming out for the fall/wintery season!
chronicles of narnia, harry freakin potter, and king kong dingalong. i actually have a desire to see these movies. its been a while (since hitchhiker's guide) that i've cared to see anything coming out of hollywood.
here's what i expect from these movies:

-will be visually stunning. and an adventure i don't quite understand. i will probably feel like they didn't do a great job telling the story. maybe i'll even feel like its too graphic-heavy. but hey, its FANTASY at its most fantastic. i gotta see it, so there!

-this book has been probably my favorite in the series so far. there's just so much that happens. and the most evil woman ever is in it. ooo i love the drama and story with the triwizard tournament and the resurrection of voldemort. all the corruption within hogwarts walls. great pivotal book for the series. being that, i gotta see it, and i'm expecting to be disappointed that they left so much story out like they did on book 3. but hey, its a new director so maybe he can squeeze more story in. i hope he doesn't sacrifice entertainment value (*ahem* star wars prequels) to squeeze more story in. you know, i wouldn't mind a 4-hour movie. i think harry should be the pioneer for this long-form movie type. you can have an intermission and everything. i'd totally go.

king (kong) of ny
so its king kong, and its peter jackson, and it's in NY. i sorta feel obligated to go. if its any such let-down like godzilla was when they redid that, i wouldn't be suprised. but, its petey boy so maybe it'll be alright. besides, its in NY! maybe i'll get lucky and he'll trash the upper-east side >=)
(or better yet, trash the marquis)
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