Underwear Ninja comes with Space Suit: day two, sachigraha
Underwear Ninja comes with Space Suit
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Saturday, December 10, 2005
day two, sachigraha
i spent the night at the milton. well, the morning, really. then they kicked us out at 12 noon. so at 11:45 i jumped in the shower. steve said "if it gets scalding, don't worry. it will pass soon". apparently this hotel still has plumbing connected to the toilets. but it was nice to be warned.

well maybe that was the case when he took a shower, but it didn't stop with simply being scalding every now and then. it actually just flip-flopped between scalding and freezing. he wondered why i screamed "you lied!!" while i was yelping in the shower, trying to dodge in between scalding and freezing, washing carefully between the pulses when it was suitable to be under the nozzle.

rhonda has taken the other course in jumping in front of cars. now, even if there are no cars and the world is crossing the street, she will wait for the light to turn.

we learned that the milton is actually a "milbrook" or something, but we still lovingly call it the milton.

we ate lunch at a mexican restaurant called "sombrero" on 8th around 44th. rhonda was pleased as peach pie and had wonderful things to say until she couldn't get a refill on her $3 glass of coke. then, all the sudden, there are horrible things wrong with this gawdy place.

steve waited at the tkts booth for tickets to RENT and R and me got coffee. it was cold out.

then its off to macy's, christmas capital of ny!
-swat team with machine guns patrolling in front of the "miracle on 34th st." displays outside.
-the very first escalators invented; made of wood and pulled by horses (originally). well ok i made that up, but they were made of wood.
-christmas land where you can meet santa claus!! well, no... what is that?? o, its santa claus projected on a screen! yay! sure am glad i waited for an hour through christmas land.

we go home to rest and recharge for a quick moment, snacking on trail mix

RENT was an excellent musical and reminded me of a few situations i had been in while in ny so far. steve enjoyed and and rhonda, despite not typically liking these kinds of musicals, had a good time. success!
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  • At 8:59 PM EST, Blogger R the Great said…

    I would have NEVER chosen to see Rent on my own. But I am very glad Mark suggested it and I went 'outside of my box' to see it. I cried at the end. Second half really pulled the story together for me. Thanks Mark!

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