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Underwear Ninja comes with Space Suit
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Wednesday, April 12, 2006
bucky bucked
i neva been a huge fan of the first moments in idol elimination nights when they do those music montages. they're never, EVER good. one exception: taylor hicks
he's the only one that take the reins and rocks out. and those family messages? pickler's grandpa is the most touching. everybody else's parents live in nice houses and dress nice and everythings nice. pickler's grandpa is out on a swing being all proud. awww touching!

so they're doing music of rod stewart next week. BLECCHCKH!!!
rod stewart is a poser and his music sux. next week will suck.. ..sadness =(

ace, bucky, and elliott yamin
the bottom 3

good voting, america! these are the 3 people that need ta git, in that order.

ace shoulda gone home first, but bucky got the axe
either way, they both needed to git and i get ace has more pre-teen girl fans
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