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Underwear Ninja comes with Space Suit
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Tuesday, April 04, 2006
yeehawww country idol
as we go into this week of american idol i am expecting kelly pickler to shine like new chrome and mandisa to fall like the stock market in 1929. (teehee i typed "weed" before i corrected it back to "week". what the heck? the D button isn't anywhere near the K button). mr. covington is also kinda country, but he's the junkyard part. she still needs to git! i was never a big fan of kenny rogers. he has a nice restaurant though, and i guess that's about as good as i like him.

taylor hicks - he's not doing so good these days. his song choice sucked and its hard to tell anymore if he's as fun as he was before =(

mandisa - yup, as a country singer she sucks. i don't think that this will phase her though because we already know she's awesome.

i like the awkward jabs that seacrest and simon throw at each other. its somehow entertaining

elliott yamin - i'm sorry. again and again i can only hear "goatboy". i don't think i could stand listening to a cd, let alone a single, with him singing. i just can't get past his goaty vibrato. yuck

paris bennett - i think kenny rogers gives the wrong advice. paris sucked. i always thought she was annoying before, but at least i recognized her talent. but tonight that was all gone. kenny, what are you doing to these contestants??

ace young - he sucks. he has never kept a steady pitch ever. but he did better in this category than he's ever done before. it was his best, but it still sucked. ace young sucks and, on a side note, should wear a bonnett. blegh!

kelly pickler - i'm glad for her accent. she made the country song believable. and she was-a-lookin good too =) i've always liked her personality and i still love the way she says "sorry" after simon citicizes her.

chris daughtry - wow. he actually did really good tonight. i was never a fan before (and i'm still not) but he turned my head to take a closer look. give him a closer listen. the boy did well and i'm glad he turned off his i'm-so-intense-dramadramadrama expression.

katherine mcphee - i like her singing and stage personality. i'm not sure what kinda person she'd be like hanging out in a living room. probably not good. but when she's on stage singing i somehow think she's really attractive. nice singing, nice look, and just some kinda way about her.

bucky covington - ya, he fit in with this category tonight. not a complete suprise. but, again, he represents what i don't really like about country. his singing was actually not bad, but his image sucks. i think its his face. haha

so who should go home tomorrow? who did the worst tonight, and more importantly, is worst overall of what's left? goodbye ace young
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  • At 2:08 PM EDT, Blogger live.laugh.love.20something said…

    Whenever i watch Yamin - all i picture is Donkey from Shrek. Not sure why....But Mandesa was HORRIBLE. I've heard that song sung better at a HS pep rally! goodness!

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