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Underwear Ninja comes with Space Suit
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Tuesday, April 18, 2006
rod stewart idol
Rod Stewart
wuda pose-dawg
o well, i can't really *skip* idol now that i can be home to watch them

wtf rod stewpid didn't write these songs they're all singing, he didn't even make them famous! (what a wonderful world, it had to be you, someone to watch over me)
this isn't jazz standards night! i'm pretty sure that at some point stevie wonder sang a song that he didn't write at some point in his life. i wonder if all those songs are on the list of choices too.

chris daughtry - not a fan of the solemn poser act. not just that, he also sang most of the song straight and dry; not much "make the song my own" happening. a 10 for being like rod stewart, a 6 for true-blue talent, and a 3.5 for likeability

paris bennett - she is no bella-croonette. leave ella fitzgerald alone. the judges are horribly off-cue tonight, they've had nothing but good things to say so far. 2 strikes...

taylor hicks - aw man i wish i had seen the SNL parody they were talking about. i hope hicky boy doesn't lose his energy after idol like other idols. they boy is great to watch perform. love the guy

elliott yamin - i saw a japanese dude in the subway that sings like elliott. sans "ba a a a a"
he kinda bored me this week. he was taking what rod stewart said to heart and now he's just as boring. randy and paula were his #1 and 2 fans, while simon actually agreed with me this time in saying yamin lacked personality.

kelly pickler - she's still cute in a naive kinda way. i really enjoyed her singing tonight. really. a little pitchy at times, and didn't hold notes out to their full value, but she reminded me of any disney movie pre 94'. randy is popping the crazy pills tonight. he didn't like it. but she'll survive tonight coz those bumpkins are loyal as the fedayeen

ace young - what a joy boy. he dressed up in a suit and tie and pulled his hair back! what's wrong with him?? its like he put on cowboy boots and is getting ready for a 2-pronged attack. and he wasn't on pitch for more than .5 seconds at a time
this was probably his best performance ever. please, PLEASE america don't bring him back next week

katherine mcphee - she sounded like barbara streisan tonight. not a good thing >=(
but she was still technically good. she took lessons from rod too. that guy should keep his grubby advice to himself and stop sullying these kids' talent. she's gorgeous in a womany way with that necklace and hair

once again, i hope ace gets the boot. i'll settle for elliott yamin though.
but noone, absolutely NOONE else
elliott and ace gotta git, then and only then will we be deciding who is the greatest.
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