Underwear Ninja comes with Space Suit: spring suprise (not steel bolts springing in your mouth)
Underwear Ninja comes with Space Suit
to blog or not to blog, which is the path a true underwear ninja must take? whichever path it be, it will surely be a rough-hewn one. argyle, possibly.
Monday, April 24, 2006
spring suprise (not steel bolts springing in your mouth)
because i work in the forgotten realms, the land of dragons and orcs. because i'm ensconced in fantasy, i'm prone to pine on such things. i've come across 2 fallacies; abhorations of imagination.
first, centaurs couldn't even exist in the fantasy realm
their horse bodies are structured with horse rib cages, otherwise they'd look funny. which means they'd have big horse lungs. which makes sense coz they'd need a lot of oxygen to supply that big bod. and the human torso is also built with a rib cage/lungs to supply oxygen for the human part.
makes sense too, huh? but not when you think about the little human nostrils are supposed to inhale enough to supply 4 lungs worth of air to. so a centaur wouldn't be such a fighter like they're made out to be. they'd more be like little heavy-breathing troglodytes, constantly gasping for air.

next up, zombies. why are the so sluggish? why are skeleton warriors always upright and walking around and zombies are always dragging their legs and arms and heads to the side? don't zombies, technically, have more muscle than skeletons?? wouldn't a skeleton not be able to move? ok ok, there' s magic involved. but any less magic than would animate a zombie though? if they're so different, why do they appear together so often? graveyards/tombs, dungeons... and at what point does a zombie decay so much as to become a skeleton? what happens then?

these are abominations of the fantasy world. zombies should walk with good posture or else skeletons shouldn't be able to move. end of story!

now, on to other trivial things: its spring and that means spring pics
here's a few to make you happy
aren't they great? central park is nice this time of year. and park avenue! those tulips are on every block in perfect squares. this dumb blog host thing won't let me put the pics like i want them. they always look out of place and my text is in crappy position. no wysiwyg here >=(
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  • At 8:59 PM EDT, Blogger Iris Blue said…

    Ohhhhhhhhh! The tulips are beautiful. We only get to see them in the grocery store. It's been so long since I've seen a cherry/apple blossom. Thanks. Wish this had smells too.

  • At 9:56 PM EDT, Blogger R the Great said…

    I LOVE those tulips! Thank you for capturing Spring in NYC.

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